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What Does an Investment Reporter Do?

An investment reporter has the job of researching trends in financial markets and writing multiple short stories a day. They should also be able to develop bigger stories that cover the investing landscape more broadly.

This is a position that requires excellent experience writing about investing trends and how you can get behind them. The reporter should have a passion for Wall Street and investing.

David Berman

As a financial planner, Berman’s analytical skills and creative thinking often blend together as he helps his clients make informed investment decisions. In addition to serving as an investing writer for The Globe and Mail, he also is the president of Berman McAleer, a financial services firm in Maryland. He has been ranked as one of Maryland’s Most Admired CEOs by the Daily Record in 2019.

Berman and his wife Andy live in Baltimore’s Historic Fells Point neighborhood, where they love boating on the Chesapeake Bay. They are also dedicated supporters of the Robert Ford Haitian Foundation and do medical relief work twice a year in Haiti.

In the 1990s, Berman and his then-bandmates Steve Nastanovich and Mike Malkmus formed Silver Jews, a band that was compared to Bob Dylan by critics. Their debut album, Starlite Walker (1994), saw country rock leanings mesh with experimental sounds. They toured and recorded with Pavement, but left the band after a few years to focus on their own music.

The group released six albums (Starlite Walker, The Natural Bridge, American Water, Bright Flight, Tanglewood Numbers, and Purple Mountains) that explored the literate strain of indie rock. Their lyrics were acerbic and often darkly humorous, and Berman was a talented poet as well as a musician.

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He was diagnosed with depression and substance abuse in 2003, and tried to commit suicide. He was saved by his wife Cassie and was able to get help.

David returned to music in 2005 with a band called Silver Jews, which included his wife Cassie as well as Azita Youssefi and Will Oldham. The group recorded a new album, Tanglewood Numbers, in Nashville and released it in 2005. It was almost destroyed when a fire engulfed the Easley-McCain studio in Memphis where it was to be mastered, but the album survived.

A prolific songwriter and poet, Berman also wrote songs for television and film. His poetry focused on overlooked aspects of everyday life, as well as chance and hilarious juxtapositions. He was a fan of Bob Dylan and John Cage, but never thought of himself as a folk singer.

Caitlin McCabe

The Wall Street Journal is a big fish in the world of media outlets, and as such Caitlin has her work cut out for her. She has an impressive array of awards and accolades to her name, but she isn’t shy about putting her foot down when it comes to the office. She has a reputation for being the most competitive and driven woman in her orbit and is a seasoned advocate of women in technology. She is the most entertaining colleague to boot. Besides a bevy of BFFs, she is one of the most loyal employees at the paper.

Jing Wang

Jing Wang, a former longtime member of the MIT faculty in Foreign Languages and Literatures (FL&L) and Comparative Media Studies/Writing, passed away on Sunday. She was an internationally renowned scholar of Chinese literature, media, advertising, and activism. She wrote many books, including The Story of Stone (1992), which was awarded an AAS Joseph Levenson Book Prize; High Culture Fever: Politics, Aesthetics, and Ideology in Deng’s China (1996); Brand New China (2009); and The Other Digital China: Nonconfrontational Activism on the Social Web (2019).

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Her research focused on late imperial and modern Chinese literature and culture. She also studied Chinese women writers, themes of country and city in modern Chinese novels, and film and television. She was a co-author of the annotated edition of The Dream of the Red Chamber and has taught courses on contemporary Chinese literature.

Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to broadening participation in computing by developing multiple programs for mentoring and outreach. As an instructor III in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, she has been committed to fostering female leadership and gender equity in the field.

She has also been actively involved in promoting scholarship that breaks down the walls between academic and media communities. She co-founded TyingKnots, a nonprofit organization, to promote the exchange of information and ideas across disciplines and borders.

For her work, she received several awards, including the American Political Science Association’s Congressional Fellow Award and the Health and Aging Policy Fellowship from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, as well as two National Institutes of Health grants. She is an elected Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Nurse Faculty Scholar and an AARP Foundation Health and Retirement Fund Senior Fellow.

In her work, she draws upon a range of methods, including fieldwork, qualitative and quantitative analysis, oral history, textual and audio-visual ethnography, and archival and historical material. She is particularly interested in sound and podcast studies, as well as global communications, gender, race & ethnicity, mobility, diaspora & memory, translation practices and theories, and critical pedagogy.

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She is currently working on a manuscript, We Are Not Silent Minority: Sinophone Muslims, Media, and Everyday Life, which traces the history of Islamophobia in China and the mediated practices of Chinese Muslims to construct alternative narratives amidst the rising anti-Muslim sentiments. It is the first ethnographic study of China’s Muslim community and its articulation of the Islamic identity in a nation that is increasingly hostile to religion and Muslim groups.

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