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McKellar structured settlements inc head office is the oldest and largest structured settlement company in Canada. Its attorneys, casualty specialists and accountants help clients arrange their settlements.

Structured settlements provide certainty and flexibility that lump sum payments do not offer. They can be received as a one-time payment or over a number of years.

Tax-Free Payments

A structured settlement offers a guaranteed tax-free income stream. The payments are made periodically by a life insurer and can be either a fixed amount or a percentage of the lump sum payment. They are indexed to match inflation and the interest they earn can be withdrawn tax-free.

Structured settlements are a proven and trusted method of providing long-term financial security for claimants who have suffered injury or illness as a result of someone else’s negligence. The benefits of a structured settlement are numerous, including:

1. They provide tax-free payments to help protect your family’s finances against the possibility of unforeseen medical costs.

Often, the costs of goods and services, such as rent, groceries, rehabilitation services or attendant care, increase over time. A structure allows you to set up a plan to increase your payment schedule if you wish.

2. The payments are free from income tax (as they should be) and capital gains taxes upon death if you decide to sell your annuity or lump-sum settlement.

3. They can be used for a child’s education or other important financial goals, as well as provide an emergency fund or vehicle replacement.

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4. They are flexible and easy to manage once the terms are agreed on.

The settlement of a personal injury or wrongful death claim can be difficult and stressful. It is even more so when your loved one is no longer alive.

For this reason, it is crucial to choose a structured settlement provider who understands the legal process and can provide sound advice and guidance. At McKellar Structured Settlements, we take pride in ensuring that our customers receive the structured settlement that is right for them.

5. The company has a solid reputation for delivering reliable and affordable service.

The staff at McKellar Structured Settlements is very proud of their team and is always working hard to ensure that clients are happy with their product. They do this by offering a range of innovative products and services to help them secure their future.

In addition to offering a structured settlement, McKellar also provides support and guidance on other aspects of a personal injury or wrongful death case. For example, McKellar offers a website with resources that explain the complex aspects of personal injury claims. It also features articles on tips and strategies to maximize your recovery and protect your financial security.

Tax-Free Investments

Located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, mckellar structured settlements inc head office has been providing tax-free investments for personal injury and wrongful death cases since 1979. The firm is the oldest and largest structured settlement company in the country, and offers clients lifetime annuities that provide tax-free income payments.

While critics often argue that lump sum cash settlements offer better rates of return than structured settlements, it is important to understand the difference between the two types of investment. In addition to the tax-free benefits, a structured settlement offers many other advantages over a lump sum payment.

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The underlying investment in a structured settlement is an annuity from a life insurance company. This funding vehicle has a lot of flexibility and is designed to accommodate all kinds of personal injury claims. It is flexible enough to allow for a number of payment options, such as indexed or ramped up payments, which can be used to pay bills and set aside money for emergency savings, medical equipment replacement or education savings.

Structured settlements also provide the added benefit of a guaranteed income, which means that your beneficiaries can receive all payments tax-free upon your death. This is an important benefit, as it allows them to make financial decisions with confidence.

Another major advantage of a structured settlement is its ability to protect against inflation. This is essential, as the cost of goods and services (rent, groceries, medical equipment, rehabilitation services, and attendant care) can increase over time.

In addition, a structure can be negotiated to include a guarantee period, which provides for tax-free guaranteed income if you die before a certain amount of your payments have been made. This is a useful protection that can be especially valuable if you have been receiving monthly annuity payments for a long time.

With the current economic climate, a structured settlement may be the only viable alternative for accident victims who want to protect their finances. With the recent stock market rout from the COVID-19 pandemic, even responsible recipients of lump sums have had their finances severely impacted by the market decline.

Guaranteed Payments

McKellar structured settlements inc head office offers guaranteed payments to individuals who have received a personal injury claim settlement. These payments are typically made from a specialized annuity with a life insurance company and are tax-free. The company is based in Guelph, Ontario and has been in business since 1979. They provide their services to both individual and corporate clients. They have been a part of the legal industry for many years and have experience with all types of lawsuits.

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