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How an Investment Banking Podcast Can Keep You Up-To-Date on What’s Happening in the Market

If you’re looking for a way to stay up-to-date on the latest business news and events, consider listening to an investment banking podcast. These podcasts can give you insights into the world of finance and help you learn more about what it’s like to work in the industry.

In this episode, Chris and Eric discuss how investment bankers create new capital products others can invest in. These products typically convert non-financial forms of capital into financial capital, then value it at its true market price.


There are tons of financial markets-related podcasts that can help you stay up to date on what’s happening in the market. These podcasts will give you granular and actionable information that can help you make more informed decisions on your investment portfolio.

One of the most popular investment banking podcasts, Marketplace, brings in experts to discuss trends in the deal market. Each episode highlights a different topic and features industry players from across the country to provide insight into deal trends, strategies, and more.

This podcast, hosted by Andrew Horowitz, is a weekly show that dives deep into granular detail about what’s going on in the financial markets and where it might head next. It is aimed at experienced and professional investors but can also be helpful for novices who want to stay up to date on the latest news in the world of investment banking.

Its host, Horowitz, keeps the listeners informed on the latest in financial markets by intertwining stories from various angles. Guests cover topics like currency fluctuations, investment portfolios, and more.

He also shares his thoughts on the changing face of technology, how corporate financing strategies are evolving and what the Russia-Ukraine conflict means for global economy and markets. He’s also interviewed Nobel Prize-winning economists and other notable experts on different topics related to the financial markets.

The most important aspect of the marketplace is bringing buyers and sellers together. This creates a communal space where customers can find cheaper alternatives to what they are buying, and it can also help foster relationships between buyers and sellers.


Mergercast is an investment banking podcast that explores the world of mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring. Each episode focuses on a different area of the M&A/restructuring business.

Produced by PwC’s Strategy&, this podcast aims to help dealmakers understand the latest research and trends in M&A and restructuring. It typically runs about 10-20 minutes and is helpful but not overwhelming. Its most recent episodes cover hot topics like capabilities in M&A, insider knowledge, China M&A, and more.

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Episode 55, for example, features leading practitioners of Strategy& and principals with PwC US Randy Starr and Hunter Hohlt discussing how in recent years companies across all sectors have been the target of activist investors. They discuss how to decrease a company’s attractiveness to these types of activists by leveraging their insider knowledge.

This PwC podcast, accessed on the firm’s PwC 365 app, is the perfect way for accounting professionals to stay on top of current issues and trends in the M&A industry. Its hosts often discuss the latest surveys from PwC and how they relate to M&A, providing valuable insight into today’s important issues.

DealReporter, the reporting wing of Megermarket, is another podcast that taps into a large network of contacts and exclusive data to provide well-curated information on M&A transactions, unexpected situations, and equity capital markets. Each episode clocks in under 10 minutes and is nicely digestible and BS-free.


The best way to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of finance is by listening to a podcast that focuses on the industry. These can range from news newsletters that send information straight to your inbox to a variety of podcasts that feature interviews with experts and offer insights on various aspects of the investment banking industry.

Rebank is a podcast that explores the trends, developments and challenges that shape the future of money, banking and financial services. The team produces short, engaging and highly informative podcasts with guests who provide a unique perspective on the issues facing the sector. Listen to their episodes through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher or on their website.

Founded by Will Beeson, CivilisedBank is a new challenger fintech business that aims to make banking more civilised by using people and technology to help businesses do their business and save money. In this podcast, Will explains how the company came to be and talks about the impact of technology on the financial services industry.

This podcast features interviews with leaders across a variety of financial sectors, such as investment banking, hedge funds, asset management, private equity and venture capital. They cover a wide range of topics, including market news, career advancement, personal habits and more.

In this podcast, they also cover a wide range of other topics that are relevant to the investment banking sector, such as digital mortgage security, bank tech updates and more. It’s an excellent resource for anyone looking to increase their knowledge in the industry and improve their professional life.

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Slate Money

Slate Money is a weekly podcast that covers the latest developments in business and finance. Hosted by Felix Salmon and Emily Peck, it’s a fun, informative resource that’s sure to keep you up to date on the latest trends.

The podcast is available on all major platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and Overcast. In addition to covering all the major news events, the show also covers topics like politics and pop culture.

This Australian podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the world economy. It asks big questions about how we can organize markets and governments more effectively. The podcast’s 30-minute episodes cover a wide range of topics, including the 2020 macroeconomic recession and insights on the game of poker.

Venture capitalist Nick Hanauer takes a rigorous look at modern-day economic inequality, exploring its origins and the reasons behind it. He enlists the help of political and economic thinkers to spark discussion about how we can make things fairer in the future.

A must-listen for anyone interested in the complexities of technology and innovation, this podcast from Technology Policy Institute addresses key issues affecting the world of IT, communications and digital tech. The podcast features interviews with industry leaders and offers research-backed analysis.

Rephonic is a service that provides a comprehensive set of data for two million podcasts, including Slate Money’s viewership numbers. With this information, you can see how popular the podcast is and whether it’s worth pitching as a guest or sponsor.

Wall Street Lab

The Wall Street Lab is a podcast that explores the world of finance from an insider perspective. It features interviews with top financial professionals in the fields of private equity, hedge funds, investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, asset management, venture capital, management consulting, trading and more. It also focuses on the latest financial technologies, news and trends in the industry.

The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Spotify. It is a must-listen for those in the finance or business industries, or for anyone who simply wants to learn more about their chosen field. The podcast is a must-listen for those who are looking to gain an edge in the competitive world of financial services.

Aside from being a great resource for financial information, the WS Lab also offers a series of free e-books on how to make your money last. This is a great way to get your feet wet and get a feel for the industry without having to pay for a full-blown education.

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Flip Side

A variety of investment banks–including Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, UBS and Deutsche Bank–have launched podcasts as a means of delivering research and market commentary in a more accessible and engaging format. These programs can range from simple breakdowns of key economic and financial topics, to more in-depth conversations featuring a variety of voices.

In addition to delivering research and commentary, these programs can also serve as branding and marketing tools. Goldman Sachs, for example, has a monthly “Top of Mind” podcast that uses a similar format to the bank’s popular research note and features interviews with executives, academics and public officials.

Another major Wall Street bank, JPMorgan Chase, has three podcasts–Market Insights with David Kelly; Eye on the Market with Michael Cembalest; and My Next Move with Michael Liersch–that deliver executive takeaways on relevant economic and financial issues in an easily digestible runtime of less than 10 minutes. In addition, the firm’s “Wall Street Lab” offers a more narrative-driven approach, with a variety of finance personalities sharing their perspectives on a variety of market topics.

Finally, Barclays has launched a new investment banking podcast series called Flip Side, which features lively debates between two of the firm’s research analysts. These discussions cover a wide variety of timely topics, including global trade conflict and inflation.

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