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hedgefund manager adam weiss

Hedge-Fund Manager Adam Weiss

Adam Weiss has extensive experience as a litigator representing clients in high-profile legal proceedings and is licensed to practice law both in California and New York.

He currently sits on the boards of several nonprofit and community organizations, as well as being a trustee for both Constitutional Rights Foundation and Public Counsel’s Leadership Council.

Scout Capital

Scout Capital was created by hedge-fund manager Adam Weiss and James Crichton in 1999 to give startups access to larger pools of capital than would otherwise be available to them.

Weiss and Crichton had high hopes that their venture capital fund, Scout Capital Long Term, would outshone its competitors due to being able to invest in companies other VC funds were not capable of doing.

Last year, their fund delivered 21% returns, significantly surpassing the average return recorded for equity hedge funds. But they announced in January that due to disagreements on how best to manage investors’ funds they will close the fund.

Scout Capital announced to its investors in a letter sent on March 27 that its $5 billion fund will close and return 95% of assets by April 1.

A spokesman for the fund revealed that its decision to close was driven by disagreement amongst its founders regarding how best to manage investors’ funds. Adam Weiss and James Crichton each have individual career goals that do not align with each other and differing visions for how the firm should operate.

In a letter sent out on April 1st, the hedge-fund announced its difficult decision and will return all outside investments, while charging investors who hadn’t received their allocation by that date a 1.5% management fee.

Keep in mind that although scouts have access to an ample pool of capital, they can only invest it in a limited number of companies. Therefore, having a strong plan on how you will invest your capital is of utmost importance.

An effective investment strategy will enable you to increase returns and ensure that you are making the most of your investments. A strategy will also help determine if your scout is performing as planned and making sound decisions.

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Petra Funds Group

Petra Funds Group is an industry-leading independent fund administrator of global private equity, venture capital, and private debt funds. Their comprehensive fund administration solutions include investor servicing, regulatory compliance monitoring and management company services – they even offer ESG advisory services!

The firm boasts over 50 fund administration professionals located throughout North America and Europe. These senior executives possess in-house experience from their work at private equity, venture capital, and private debt investment firms – helping their clients to expand by offering solutions that align with what is important for growth.

Adam Weiss recently joined Petra Funds Group as managing director and head of credit in its rapidly growing private credit fund administration business, nearly doubling in size over the past year. Leveraging his experience running credit operations for a multi-national private investment firm, Weiss will offer clients of Petra an advanced loan portfolio monitoring process tailored to tracking loan covenants, interest rate step-ups, post-closing obligations, financing reporting accuracy accuracy as well as overall borrower health.

He brings over 15 years of credit middle office experience and will use this expertise to ensure Petra clients’ funds are operating at maximum efficiency. Before joining Petra, he worked at Riverstone Holdings as their Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Credit. There he provided management and product expertise while leading efforts to enhance firm’s credit offerings; assisted with developing a portfolio monitoring and risk management framework vital to efficiently scaling credit business; directly involved with liquidity needs management/financing needs, valuation/counterparty relationship marketing efforts/marketing efforts/trade allocations/settlements/settlements/ FX/operational due diligence due diligence activities he oversaw all operations at Riverstone Holdings as COO of Credit;

Hugh Simpson Joins Petra as Director of ESG

KPMG’s Hugh Simpson has joined Petra as director of ESG for their London office, according to an announcement today by Petra. As such, he will work closely with Charlie Chipchase in expanding Petra’s ESG managed services and advisory offering for private market investment funds.

He is an industry-recognized regulatory compliance expert with over 10 years of experience in financial services and securities industries, serving a diverse client base from broker-dealers and investment managers focusing on compliance issues related to financial institution law and regulations.

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Riverstone Holdings

Riverstone Holdings of Malaysia specializes in glove manufacturing. Their cleanroom products include Class 10 and 100 high-tech cleanroom nitrile gloves used by hard disk drive (HDD), semiconductor, and high-tech electronics industries. Additionally, packaging materials and face masks are distributed. Riverstone also distributes packaging materials and face masks.

The company is an industry leader in cleanroom gloves, commanding 60% of global market share with their Class 10 and 100 cleanroom nitrile gloves. This success has allowed it to carve out a niche in the market that allows it to remain resilient business wise. Their competitive advantage lies within their technological know-how as well as an established customer base.

Riverstone Healthcare Gloves has managed to maintain their market leadership despite recent decreases in healthcare glove demand by maintaining an outstanding financial performance. They boast an enviable balance sheet and consistently generate positive operating cashflow allowing them to use internal funds to expand operations while taking advantage of global shortages in healthcare gloves.

Riverstone has amassed significant more net cash than it owes, thanks to an impressive track record in increasing revenue, profit, and operating cashflow, providing further strength to their balance sheet.

Riverstone boasts a strong global presence and serves a diverse portfolio of customers across numerous markets. Leveraging its expertise and global reach, Riverstone can customize solutions that help customers achieve maximum productivity and efficiency in their processes.

Ultimately, this allows the company to maintain high quality standards while meeting customer requirements, and increase gross margins through operational leverage – such as by manufacturing gloves on its own production line rather than buying from external suppliers.

Furthermore, its ability to reduce production costs and expand capacity gives it an edge over its rivals, which increases market share and profitability within the cleanroom glove segment driven mainly by demand from healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Stillwater Investment Management

Stillwater Investment Management of Stillwater, Minnesota is an investment advisory firm that specializes in equity and fixed income investments for high net worth individuals, pension and profit-sharing plans, charitable organizations and non-profits. They manage a diverse clientele including high net worth individuals.

The company employs various strategies in its portfolio, with exchange-traded funds representing 68% of Assets Under Management (AUM). Furthermore, 13% of its assets are invested in government bonds.

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Key components of the company’s asset mix include private debt and senior living opportunities. Utilizing a value investing approach, the firm acquires, manages, and divests loans across industries with the intention of protecting principal investment.

Stillwater uses its proprietary credit risk analytics tool, developed through machine learning, to quickly identify mortgage loans with high levels of real estate collateral support and cash yield potential. With this approach, they focus on loans which offer both these features.

No surprise that this technology has helped this relatively small company achieve impressive returns, given their relatively modest size. Furthermore, they prioritize long-term relationships with clients by prioritizing integrity and competence in all aspects of business activities.

An integral component of the firm’s strategy is a proprietary research tool using artificial intelligence to detect and track hot companies within each sector and market trends to find potential investment opportunities.

Finally, the company provides financial planning services to its clients. These services can help clients with various goals such as saving for retirement, paying for college tuition or planning for family goals.

Liftbridge Commercial Offshore Fund has proven itself as the standout performer at Liftbridge Investment Management over the last five years, boasting remarkable returns that outpaced those of its peers by an overwhelming margin.

This company has won multiple industry awards, such as best fund-of-the-year and best asset-management technology award. Furthermore, they are members of Hedge Fund Association which recognizes excellence within the hedge fund industry.

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