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Deal Toys in Investment Banking

investment banking deal toys

Whether you’re new to the world of investment banking or are a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn. Luckily, there’s a great deal of information out there that can be a great help.


During the recent financial crisis, Wall Street businesses were devastated. Companies like Russo laid off employees and moved to less expensive offices. In addition, investment banks and private equity firms were worried about costs. Some of these competitors even resorted to making offers where they didn’t make a profit. But after the fiscal cliff, Wall Street businesses are starting to bounce back.

Altrum is one of the leading companies for deal toys. It is a globally recognized leader in custom deal toys and financial tombstones. They are used by investment banks, private equity firms, and corporations. In addition, they are used in universities around the world.

Altrum deal toys provide a physical reminder of the deal. They help inspire team bonding and a sense of achievement. They are also a motivating tool that can encourage deal makers.

They are also a great way to measure deal activity. Companies may order as many as 20 deal toys. In addition to celebrating a successful deal, these memorabilia can also be used as a driving force for the next big win. They provide an opportunity for companies to build a reputation and create a culture of success. The average order size is 20-30 toys, and for bigger deals, 50-60.

Deal toys are becoming increasingly popular outside of the banking and finance industry. Boutique firms are also using them as a branding tool. They are also a way to compete with bigger firms.

In addition, they can be made using 3D printing. This process allows for beautiful tombstones. They are also made with polyamide, resin, and other materials. In January and February, Refresh Creations had a high volume. However, the firm saw a decrease in toy orders after the bankruptcy.


Traditionally used in the investment banking industry, deal toys are a way to commemorate any kind of business deal. They are also used in employee recognition programs. While there is some debate about whether they are a “financial tombstone” or a “financial tidbit”, they are nonetheless a unique way to reward hard work and highlight achievements.

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Deal toys were once made from brass tokens or crystal bowls. Today, they are made with lasers and Lucite casting techniques, and are available in a variety of materials.

Generally, companies will order between 20 and 30 toys. They are often given at the closing ceremony of the deal. They are also commonly displayed in the corporate trophy case. They are typically cost-effective, making them a great souvenir.

The best deal toys can be custom-made with a team of experts, including a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of deal toys. A firm that specializes in deal toys can help you design a toy that is perfect for your business. They can also help you choose the material that is best for your needs.

A Lucite investment banking deal toy is a great way to commemorate a deal. It displays the details of the transaction, such as the recipients of the transaction, and the financial advisors who were involved. It also serves as a marketing tool for the presenter.

Deal toys have become increasingly popular outside the finance industry. Boutique firms often use toys as a branding tool to help them compete with larger firms. Companies can choose from a variety of substrates, including Lucite, aluminum, and Staron(r). These substrates allow for unique and interesting designs, and allow for a lot of creativity.

Wall Street heavyweights

During Wall Street’s heyday, deal toys were a hot commodity. They were a way to commemorate large financial deals. But after the 2008 financial crisis, some big banks slowed down or stopped making them.

Deal toys are miniature versions of monuments, trophies, certificates of recognition, and other similar items that celebrate a company’s largest deal. These small items typically feature Lucite, which is increasingly in demand. They can be shaped like a grill, grilling pan, grill, or jousting knight, and they can be customized with sound and lights. The average order is around 20 to 30 items.

These miniatures are not a replacement for the “real thing,” but they can help to gauge the health of a company’s deal activity. They also help to set the stage for duels between banks.

In the last year, deal toys have rebounded with the market. Orders doubled in the first two months of the year. A deal toy can be made for as little as $80, and they can reach as high as $300. They can include specialty fonts, carefully matched colors, and other features to reflect the company’s core values.

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But as the financial crisis hit and the “fiscal cliff” passed, the deal toy market suffered. The number of deals fell 57% from a year earlier in the fourth quarter. A typical deal toy order is for around 20 pieces, and companies might order up to 30 to 40.

One of the companies that manufactures deal toys is Corporate Presence. The firm started out making deal trophies for Lehman Brothers, but now manufactures trophies and other mementos for a variety of corporate clients. The company also produces corporate gifts, and has a factory in Canada.

Refresh Creations

During the financial crisis, Wall Street businesses were on a major downturn. They lost a lot of employees and had to move to more affordable office space. The good news is that many of them are roaring back in 2013.

One of the best ways to celebrate hard work is by awarding employees with a deal toy. These miniature trophies can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including plastic, acrylic and Lucite. In fact, many investment bankers use them as visual marketing tools.

Deal toys can be used to celebrate notable deals, such as mergers and acquisitions. They can also be used as a means of capturing clients. They are also an effective measure of deal activity. The financial industry is a competitive one and competition is fierce. During the recession, many competitors resorted to offering deals that do not net them a profit.

The best deal toys are those that are both fun and functional. One company, Refresh Creations, makes a variety of universal deals toys. Another, GDN, is located in Manhattan and has ordered several deals toys for its clients. During the financial crisis, many companies cut budgets and slashed their toy budgets. But now that the economy is improving, the deal toy business is booming.

A recent survey showed that a deal toy was the best way to congratulate employees who made notable deals. Some companies ordered as many as 20 deals toys, which are a nice touch for employees who had a significant role in the deal. The company has also received a number of orders, including a couple overseas. It is a good sign that Wall Street businesses are getting back on their feet.

Wall Street’s post-financial crisis mentality

During the financial crisis, Wall Street businesses collapsed. Many banks found themselves struggling to survive. Some had to cut back on their budgets or restructure their deal toys.

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Deal toys are trophies that banks give out after a major financial deal. They can be fun, modern designs or traditional tombstone-style commemoratives. They are an inexpensive way to recognize a company’s involvement in a significant deal.

Deal toys can cost about $80 to $300 per piece. They are made of Lucite, a transparent plastic-like compound. Lucite monuments can be customized with lights, sound and shapes.

The average company orders about 20 deal toys. But bigger deals often require more than that. A company may order twenty to forty toys, depending on the deal. The price is based on the average cost per deal and shipping.

Deal toys are a great gauge of how active the market is. They help bankers communicate their character and function to future clients. Despite the downturn, deal toys have increased in popularity.

One company, Refresh Creations, manufactures deal toys and has seen a strong increase in volume this year. It has had a lot of orders for deal toys in January and February. However, the firm’s volume has been slower in 2012.

Corporate Presence manufactures Lehman deal trophies. Its factory is in Canada. It also manufactures other types of corporate mementos. The firm employs 175 people. It makes more than $1 million in revenue a year.

Lucite has increased in price and is becoming popular with deal makers. It is also used in aircraft windows. It was popular for use in jewelry, hairbrushes, and lamps.

Deal toys are a way to celebrate a major financial deal. They are meant to be a memento and not a plaything.

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