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  • The Structured Settlement Act

    Structured settlements are a type of settlement that provides victims with a predictable, tax-free stream of payments. Generally, the plaintiffs establish payment schedules. This type of payment plan is designed to help victims of accidents and personal injuries avoid the problems associated with debt and the uncertainty that can come from financial instability. Structured settlement […]

  • USAA Structured Settlement

    If you have been involved in a serious accident or personal injury, you may want to consider structuring your settlement in a structured way. This type of settlement is tax-free and guarantees a future income stream. To learn more about this type of settlement, you should contact a USAA Life Insurance broker. Structured settlements are […]

  • What is a Structured Settlement?

    A structured settlement is a type of legal settlement in which a client receives a fixed amount over time. Unlike lump sum payments, structured settlements are tax-free and provide a lifetime stream of income. In addition, they can be renegotiated if necessary and are protected under the law. Structured settlements are tax-free Structured settlements are […]

  • Tax Implications of a Structured Settlement

    If you’re contemplating selling your structured settlement payments, it’s important to understand the tax implications. Although the lump sum payment is generally tax-free, the periodic payments are not. This is because Congress and state lawmakers want to keep factoring companies from taking advantage of settlement holders. Additionally, judges deciding whether to sell structured settlement payments […]

  • Are Structured Settlement Annuities Taxable?

    Structured settlement annuities are a great way for people to secure an income stream from a lawsuit. While they are not taxed as income, the sale of payments from an annuity may cause a tax liability. Therefore, you should plan ahead and consult with a qualified tax professional. Structured settlement annuities are tax-free If you […]

  • Should You Buy a Structured Settlement Annuity?

    Is it possible for anyone to buy a structured settlement annuity? If so, how much does it cost? And should you buy one? We’ll discuss the cost, Default risk, and Discount rate. Hopefully, this article will help you decide whether structured settlement annuities are a good option for you. Can anyone buy a structured settlement […]

  • 3 Reasons to Choose a Structured Settlement Payment

    A structured settlement payment is an agreed upon settlement for a personal injury case. They are a great way to save on taxes while receiving a lump sum payment. They also have the added advantage of being guaranteed. If you are considering a structured settlement, read on to learn more about this important financial tool. […]

  • What is a Structured Settlement Annuity?

    The first thing to understand about a structured settlement is its structure. A structured settlement is a type of insurance or financial agreement in which the claimant agrees to receive either part of his or her settlement in periodic payments or the entire settlement as a lump sum. These payments are typically made over a […]

  • Reasons to Sell a Structured Settlement

    One of the most common reasons for selling a structured settlement is to start or grow a business. When evaluating a structured settlement sale, judges look at how the money will be used in a person’s best interest. When applying for approval, include a business plan and estimated costs. Paying college tuition upfront If you […]

  • How to Cash in a Structured Settlement Fund

    A structured settlement fund is a great way to get immediate cash, but you should always be cautious. Cashing it out can jeopardize your future financial security. However, it might be the best option if you urgently need the money. Structured settlements generate over $10 billion in annual payments and don’t affect Social Security disability […]