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  • Different Types of Investment Banking Jobs

    If you are considering a career in investment banking, you should know that there are many different types of positions within the field. These include Sales & Trading, Equity Research, Global transaction banking, and Corporate treasury. Depending on your experience, you may want to pursue one of these different areas, or perhaps combine them. Sales […]

  • Investing in Real Estate in Las Vegas

    Investing in real estate in Las Vegas offers many benefits. Here are some tips and considerations when buying a Las Vegas investment property. You can also read about what it takes to buy a Las Vegas rental property. Whether you’re looking for a rental property or a vacation home, these tips will help you make […]

  • Investment Banking in Hong Kong

    The work environment in investment banking in Hong Kong is very similar to that in the UK and US. The work hours are very similar, but the pressure of closing deals is less. Most deals are already in the pipeline and investment bankers are not required to pitch for new business. However, there are some […]

  • Accounting For Investments in Associate Companies Using the Equity Method

    When a company makes an investment in an associate company, accounting for the investment using the equity method is an appropriate approach. This method accounts for investor influence over the company’s financial and operating policies. It also takes into account the time lag when reporting the financial results of the investee. The article discusses a […]

  • How to Make an Investment Journal Entry

    There are a few different types of investment journal entries. For example, you can record a realized gain or loss. There are also two types of paid-in capital accounts. These are common stock accounts and ordinary paid-in capital accounts. Let’s say that you own a sole proprietorship and have $50,000 in cash. Then, you would […]

  • Different Investment Classes

    There are many different investment classes. There are tangible assets, such as stocks and bonds, and there are financial instruments, such as options and hedge funds. While tangible assets are a great way to protect against inflation, these aren’t the only options available to you. Learn about the differences between these types of investments and […]

  • Investment Value Definition

    Investment value is a metric that investors use to make investment decisions. It differs from market value in that it is based on several assumptions and a complex financial model. It is often considered a better measure of a security’s future value than the current price. Here is a basic explanation of investment value. Investment […]

  • Investment Property Interest Rates and Down Payment Requirements

    If you are considering buying investment property, you might want to know about investment property interest rates and how much down payment you should have to qualify for a mortgage. It is also important to understand how variable rate mortgages work, as they have different benefits and drawbacks. The interest rate is what determines the […]

  • Investment Banking Director Salary

    What is the average investment banking director salary in Birmingham, AL? This salary guide will also give you an idea of salaries in London and New York. In addition, you’ll learn about the average investment banking director salary in Malaysia. These salaries are much higher than the average for other job categories. Nevertheless, these salaries […]

  • How Much is the JPMorgan Salary?

    If you’re looking for the best investment banking job, you may be wondering how much the JPMorgan salary is. The pay of investment bankers is tied to overall deal volume, so salaries can vary wildly. In addition, bonuses can vary widely, so it’s important to compare salaries to other middle-market investment banks. Investing in investment […]