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national structured settlement trade association nssta

National Structured Settlement Trade Association

For 37 years, the national structured settlement trade association nssta has been protecting the rights of injury victims and their families. This includes assisting in passage of critical federal and state legislation to enhance and protect the financial security that structured settlements provide when families are beset with unexpected tragedy, accident, injury or death.

Professional Members

The National Structured Settlement Trade Association is an organization of structured settlement professionals that promotes the use of periodic payments to provide financial security for injury victims and their families. Its members include attorneys, claims representatives, insurance companies, risk managers and settlement planning consultants who specialize in providing the best possible services to clients.

Professional members of the NSSTA are required to conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times. This includes a commitment to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness in their dealings with all persons, including clientele, colleagues and the general public.

A high level of ethics and fidelity is essential to NSSTA’s ability to be successful in educating, advocating and protecting structured settlements and their recipients. NSSTA’s Code of Ethics and its Statement of Ethical and Professional Responsibility provide guidelines for all members in the practice of structured settlements.

This code of ethics and statement are a guide for members to follow when they engage in the practice of structured settlements, whether in private or in public service. The Code of Ethics and the Statement of Ethical and Professional Responsibility are a requirement of membership and must be followed by all NSSTA members and their companies.

NSSTA encourages all its members to be involved in the industry’s legislative and regulatory process. The organization advocates for the interests of its members, their clients and the structured settlement marketplace by engaging in legislative activity at the federal and state levels.

As part of its advocacy efforts, NSSTA also offers professional development programs and meetings to help educate its members. Its continuing education offerings include two industry conferences each year where attendees receive a variety of CE and CLE credits.

In addition, NSSTA’s CSSC Committee offers a number of professional certification opportunities for its members. These programs allow members to become recognized experts in their field and enhance their skills by acquiring valuable knowledge, experience and training.

NSSTA’s recent 2021 conference in Dallas, Texas was a tremendous success. The event provided energy and inspiration to a new generation of NSSTA members. It was also a good opportunity to see what kind of leadership NSSTA is developing.

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Associate Members

As a member of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA), you are a vital part of a network that has been fostering and preserving the use of structured settlements for over 35 years. NSSTA represents more than 1,200 professional structured settlement consultants, life insurance industry leaders and property casualty company claims professionals in the United States and Canada.

NSSTA is committed to the highest standards of professionalism in its educational programs and professional development programs at its two industry conferences each year. These conferences provide NSSTA members with the highest quality continuing education and training in the field of structured settlements.

The conference featured a number of exciting programs and announcements that showcased the organizational, networking and relationship building strengths of NSSTA and provided diverse, interesting and technically well-delivered educational programs. For example, NSSTA’s Women’s Caucus gave an incredibly inspiring, well-choreographed and informative presentation that was followed by a panel of NSSTA members who discussed how they had helped a disabled claimant and his family with their structured settlement award.

For NSSTA, this conference was also an opportunity to make some important strategic decisions for the next 35 years of NSSTA and its membership. Specifically, will NSSTA continue to focus on the protection of its members’ interests as it did in previous decades? Will NSSTA become more focused on improving and innovating the structured settlement industry?

In answer to the first strategic question, NSSTA seems to be moving toward a more proactive focus on protecting its members’ interests. It has a strong management team and a wide variety of committees that seem organized, active and focused on business development issues.

Meanwhile, NSSTA has developed a new generation of members who seem more motivated to “improve, innovate and grow” the structured settlement industry than merely to protect and preserve what currently exists. This new approach, which is more likely to be accepted by NSSTA’s board of directors and members than past approaches, may result in the creation of a more effective and unified structured settlement industry.

In addition, NSSTA’s CSSC Committee made a significant change in its executive education program by re-partnering with the University of Texas to offer CSSC certification. This move is significant because it is a sign of NSSTA’s commitment to the future of CSSC. More than 500 NSSTA members have already earned their CSSC designation.

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NSSTA Education

The NSSTA education program is a vital part of the association’s ongoing efforts to ensure that its members have access to the highest quality professional education available. The NSSTA provides educational conferences twice each year, along with a variety of professional development opportunities for its membership.

The association’s Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) designation is the industry’s oldest and most respected designation, establishing educational standards for structured settlement professionals throughout the country. The CSSC program, developed in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame, requires more than 80 hours of classroom study culminating in a comprehensive national examination.

In 2014, NSSTA introduced the Master Structured Settlement Consultant (MSSC) designation layered on top of the CSSC. This program, held at and in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame, included extensive pre-study, 40 hours of classwork and the completion of a comprehensive industry research paper.

A total of 22 NSSTA members have earned the MSSC since its inception. These members, who represent a broad spectrum of the industry, have completed extensive pre-study, a Master’s Level structured settlement professional certification course of study and have passed the national exam to receive the MSSC designation.

This designation demonstrates to clients that the NSSTA member has the skills and experience needed to successfully guide them through the structured settlement process. In addition, it shows that the NSSTA member is committed to professional development and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

NSSTA’s professional development activities include the NSSTA Annual Meeting and Fall Educational Conference as well as a wide range of training workshops offered throughout the year. These education programs are designed to provide valuable and up-to-date information on the latest developments in the structured settlement industry.

The NSSTA has also developed a series of market analysis webinars that help its members understand the structured settlement annuity market and how to navigate their business models in order to maximize their structured settlement annuity premium. Additionally, NSSTA continues to expand its curriculum to focus on the settlement planning process and how the annuity fits into this process.

NSSTA Advocacy

The National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) is the leading voice for the structured settlement industry. NSSTA’s advocacy program has been successful in the legislative, tax policy, and court systems on behalf of injured parties and their families for 35 years.

NSSTA’s advocacy is based on the belief that structured settlements can provide a powerful financial tool to help victims of physical injuries and their families. Recognized and encouraged by the federal tax code since 1983, a structured settlement provides a stream of payments that are completely exempt from state and federal income taxes.

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To help NSSTA members understand and implement structured settlement solutions, NSSTA offers education programs. These include the Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) and Master’s Certificate in Structured Settlement Consulting (MSSC) designation programs offered through the University of Notre Dame.

In addition, NSSTA hosts a number of educational conferences and webinars throughout the year. These programs are open to NSSTA members and feature presentations from experts in the field.

The NSSTA Education Committee works closely with NSSTA staff and volunteers to develop new and innovative ways to help educate NSSTA members about the importance of structured settlements in a post-litigation world. The NSSTA Education Committee has developed a comprehensive curriculum that includes academic rigor, industry perspective and practical applications to enhance each student’s understanding of the structured settlement industry.

NSSTA also sponsors a Structured Settlements Training Institute which is designed to bring industry professionals together in a classroom environment to learn and share information. This Institute has become a trusted resource for NSSTA members.

Another NSSTA educational program is the NSSTA Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) designation, which was first established in 1993. NSSTA’s CSSC program includes more than 80 hours of class time and study culminating in a nationally accredited certification exam.

One of the most important things NSSTA has done in recent years is to help NSSTA’s members obtain and maintain the knowledge and experience required for their professional advancement. NSSTA offers a series of seminars and workshops throughout the year that cover a wide range of topics, including structured settlement products and services, negotiation skills and financial planning concepts.

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