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Lumin Wealth Management Review

Lumin Wealth, located in the UK, provides wealth management services such as investment management, financial planning and consulting.

Lumin has recently acquired Essex-based Ashridge Financial Management for an undisclosed sum, adding over PS85m in assets under management to Lumin’s total AUM. This acquisition follows on from their purchase of Hertfordshire-based Enhance Wealth Management back in March.

Lumin is a full-service financial planning firm

Lumin is a comprehensive financial planning firm offering an array of services such as portfolio management and tax planning. Additionally, retirement and estate planning services are also provided as well as advisory team assistance with investment decisions and creating financial plans based on client goals and needs.

Since 2010, Lumin has provided fee-based investment advisory and asset management services to clients worldwide from its base in St Albans, England.

The company operates in the personal finance industry and manages assets totalling $214.3 million, providing advice to clients across different portfolio sizes – the average client balance being approximately $1.3 million. Assets are managed using various means including fees, hourly charges and fixed fees.

VZ Group, a listed Swiss advice and investment management firm, acquired 50.1 percent of Lumin Wealth in May 2021 with plans to purchase all remaining shares within five years.

This acquisition marks Lumin’s fifth purchase and follows on the heels of their takeover of Hertfordshire-based Enhance Wealth Management earlier this year. As part of its strategy for organic growth, this move fits within their plan to partner with like-minded advisers while offering clients tailored solutions.

Lumin’s most recent purchase adds over PS85mn in assets to its total. Previous acquisitions by Lumin include Chamberlain Stean & West, Everett MacLeod and Hyperion.

Lumin’s investment strategies focus on long-term perspectives and disciplined portfolio management, running five model portfolios with different exposure to equities.

Our advisers work with clients across the country and can assist them with planning for retirement, saving for college expenses, buying a home or paying off debts – among others. Furthermore, the company provides free consultation with an experienced adviser in order to assess your personal financial situation.

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clients of Ethical Capitalism can access various resources and tools, including financial plans, quarterly Investment Review publications, personal advisers who offer guidance on a wide variety of topics, as well as advisers who offer exceptional quality of service and deliver value for money.

Lumin Wealth is a fee-based investment advisory and fund management firm with assets worth $214.3 Million in management. Their primary offices can be found in Southfield, MI.

It offers a wide range of services

Lumin Wealth Management provides financial planning services throughout the UK. Their wide array of services includes retirement planning, investment advice and estate planning – they serve individuals, corporations and trusts.

Lumin’s most sought-after services is its quarterly magazine, which provides invaluable tips for improving financial health. Lumin’s newsletter stands out by giving practical advice that can help save you money and achieve your goals more easily.

Lumin News can keep you abreast of which companies are trending in the stock market and feature articles on recent tax law changes and topics of particular relevance to wealthy individuals.

Lumin’s blog is another valuable source of information. Their financial advisers post regular updates about new offerings from the firm as well as free resources available on its website.

To gauge Lumin’s reputation accurately, one way is to read customer reviews online. They have amassed over 13,000 customer reviews on Trust Pilot with an average score of 4 out of 5.

This company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, as well as boasting a mobile app which can be used to request quotes, submit inquiries and more.

Lumin is an industry leader when it comes to discretionary fund managers. Their portfolios consist of an assortment of assets – such as stocks, fixed income securities, real estate funds and more. Their proprietary technology can quickly analyze these assets and select those which best suit your requirements; additionally, Lumin was one of the first firms to offer clients financial plans that incorporate their recommended investment strategy.

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It offers fee-based services

Lumin Wealth Management, founded in 2010, specializes in financial planning and investment management. Now managing over $214.3 million assets under management for clients worldwide. Offering portfolio management, pension consulting and financial planning services – its fees vary depending on which services it is providing clients.

Fees charged by firms for their services may be determined based on a percentage of assets under management, hourly charges or fixed fees. While these do not include brokerage commissions, interest, taxes and account expenses incurred on an account, they tend to be the most transparent approach and thus likely lower than other forms of fees.

Victor Hicks is the sole owner and operator of Lumin Financial LLC with 11 years of experience in the industry. He holds both certifications as a Certified Financial Planner and Accredited Investment Fiduciary as well as being an active member of both National Association of Personal Financial Advisors and Michigan Financial Planning Association.

Lumin Financial of Southfield, Michigan oversees $214 Million across 462 customer accounts and 16% belong to high-net-worth individuals with investable assets of at least $1 Million.

Fees charged by companies depend on several factors, including the services offered, account size and staff qualifications; fees typically consist of a combination of percentage of assets held, hourly charges and fixed fees.

This investment advisory firm operates out of Southfield, Michigan with two advisors and an average client to advisor ratio of 1:81; however it can accommodate either more or fewer clients depending on its practice.

Investment Advisor Representative Services Inc employs six staff, of whom 33% serve as investment advisors or research analysts. In addition, two employees have registered as representatives with state securities authorities as registered investment advisor representatives.

Lumin Wealth announced it has acquired South-East-based financial adviser Ashridge Financial Management for an undisclosed sum, adding more than PS85m in assets to its portfolio and taking its total asset under management above PS860m. This follows on from their acquisition of Hertfordshire-based Enhance Wealth Management back in March.

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It offers a free consultation

Lumin is a comprehensive financial services firm offering an array of products and services such as insurance, estate planning and tax preparation as well as investment management and retirement planning.

This firm boasts a small but dedicated team of professionals, who assist their clients with making informed investment decisions and saving money on insurance premiums. Utilizing technology for tracking client information and personalized advice provision.

Website is an invaluable source of information about any business. It contains useful links to its social media accounts and contact details as well as a useful FAQ section that answers frequently asked questions.

As part of your search for a financial adviser, a free consultation is an ideal way to begin. A financial planner will assess your current financial situation and recommend ways to enhance wealth management plan; they’ll then develop a portfolio tailored specifically to your individual needs and goals.

Lumin is a fintech company employing a team of financial experts who offer clients an array of products and services, the most popular being their Financial Life Management package, which entails creating a personal financial plan, investing in funds managed by in-house money managers and asset protection. Additionally, there are tax advice services and tax advice offered as additional offerings by Lumin.

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