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The Investment Banking Forum will take place on Thursday, 4 October 2012. This one-day event will feature formal panel presentations, Q&A sessions and networking with company representatives. The forum will also feature student presentations from two groups, which will swap roles at the end of panel one. Students who want to get involved in the industry are encouraged to attend.

CU-Boulder College of Business

On Tuesday, Nov. 2, CU-Boulder College of Business will hold the Lehman Brothers Investment Banking Forum. The event is sponsored by Lehman Brothers, Inc., and will feature panel discussions presenting the “Ins and Outs” of investment banking. Lehman Brothers managing director Barbara M. Bryne will present “Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice” and “Anatomy of a Deal.” The event will be held in room 224 of the college.

The master of science in finance from CU Boulder is an accredited graduate business degree that offers extensive specialized coursework and practical application within the financial services industry. It is an excellent program for undergraduate students who have little or no background in finance, as the program provides a firm foundation in general finance, as well as the specific managerial skills needed in the field.

This program focuses on developing the “whole student,” including social responsibility and teamwork. The program also includes a corporate finance/consulting track that prepares graduates for a career in investment banking and management consulting. During this program, students will gain a global perspective and sharp analytical skills.


The Investment Banking Forum is LINC’s largest event and is held each year in the last week of September. It gives students the opportunity to interact with representatives of some of the top investment banks in the world. The event features workshops, case studies, interviews, and a virtual networking session. It is an excellent opportunity to network with investment banking professionals and learn about the career opportunities available in the finance industry.

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The FINRA Investment Banking Forum provides an opportunity for financial service professionals to discuss current issues and trends in the industry. This event features financial professionals from the investment banking and capital markets industries. The FINRA staff is also on hand to address any questions or concerns relating to the regulation of financial services. During the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn about new rules and policies that will help protect investors and the financial services industry.

FINRA found that Credit Suisse violated the Customer Protection Rule by failing to maintain possession and control of billions of dollars in securities. In addition, the firm failed to properly calculate its required customer reserve, which is an amount of cash or securities in a special reserve bank account. FINRA found that the firm did not properly disclose its conflict of interest.

The FINRA Investment Banking Forum features an informative program that includes an interactive session on marketing and compliance issues. Attendees can also participate in a virtual conference panel to hear from industry experts and network with fellow industry professionals. FINRA also offers free one-on-one appointments with staff members who are responsible for regulatory compliance.

Deutsche Bank

At the Deutsche Bank investment banking forum, female professionals are able to ask questions about their experiences on Wall Street, the recruiting process, and the industry in general. During the event, Deutsche Bank professionals will share their insights, and give advice to aspiring women in the industry. The forum will also provide attendees with information about internship opportunities and the recruitment process.

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Morgan Stanley

As a top-ranking global financial services company, Morgan Stanley maintains a dominant position across its core businesses, including investment banking, institutional sales and trading, global asset management, and quality consumer credit products. With more than 53,000 employees and 600 offices worldwide, Morgan Stanley is a trusted source of advice and investment for individuals and institutions worldwide.

In addition to being a top-ranked investment bank in the world, Morgan Stanley also has one of the top-ranked advisory services in the industry. At its recent investment banking forum, investment bankers discussed the future of finance and technology, including metaverse, payments FinTech, and new technology trends. They also provided a blueprint for how to navigate the challenges that will arise this year, such as chip shortages and empowering consumers with content.

The Investment Banking Forum features formal panel presentations, networking with company representatives, and a mini table top fair. A special feature of the forum is a resume and interview workshop, where a Bank of America Merrill Lynch recruiter will answer questions and share strategies for networking with bankers and potential employers.

Morgan Stanley’s M&A group

Morgan Stanley’s M&A group is under new leadership, and the firm is hiring top talent from rival banks. The firm’s most recent hires include former Morgan Stanley technology banking head Dhiren Shah and former Citigroup financial institutions M&A head Robert C. Smith. Combined, the two executives bring more than three decades of experience in corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions.

While Morgan Stanley’s recent defections may have hurt the bank’s M&A business, the true impact of the departures will be felt over two or three years. In addition, the processing time for M&A deals is long, and mandate fees aren’t paid until the deal closes. In addition, CEOs often make big buys and then disappear for years. So the true impact of these departures will not be felt until two or three years after the deal is complete.

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Before joining Morgan Stanley’s M&A group, Ethan Ellison earned an MBA at NYU Stern. At NYU, he was involved in the Graduate Finance Association and the Stern Real Estate Club. After graduation, he joined Morgan Stanley as an associate. Similarly, Jimmy Jin earned his MBA from Columbia Business School and earned his CFA. He had previously worked at Milestone Capital, CITIC Capital, and Bain & Company before joining Morgan Stanley.

Goldman Sachs’ M&A group

Among the investment banks in the world, Goldman Sachs consistently ranks in the top three in several league tables. As a result, it is a trusted advisor to some of the world’s largest corporations. Because of its extensive deal flow, analysts at Goldman Sachs get the opportunity to work on some of the most impactful, transformative deals in the industry. In addition, the firm’s small balance sheet means that its investment banking division doesn’t have a huge balance sheet, which means that it can provide analysts with a challenging but rewarding experience.

Among its recent accomplishments, the M&A group at Goldman Sachs has been at the forefront of merger inversions, which help buyers capture significant value from a tax benefit. These transactions are often beneficial for both the seller and the buyer. Goldman was one of the first investment banks to make this type of structure popular, and it has accounted for 90 percent of the market share by deal value.

In addition to M&A transactions, the M&A group organizes seminars on various topics. During the seminars, a seasoned banker gives an in-depth presentation on a particular topic. These events are either held in person or by conference call. The sessions range from general M&A topics to the more technical aspects of financial analysis.